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Do you fancy being a guest blogger for Ditch the Map?  It’s a somewhat massive planet so we’re always keen to hear from readers with stories of their travels!  If you do feel in the mood to share your experiences then please get in touch!  To become a guest blogger, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The location you would like to review
  • A short example of your blog post
  • The date you visited this location

If your blog post meets with this criteria and is approved, you must include:

  • A comprehensive and honest account of your experiences, good or bad! 
  • No profanity or slanderous content
  • At least one amusing anecdote! (preferred)
  • Your name
  • Recommendations for new travellers
  • A selection of images of the location, which you must own the rights to (we will provide an e-mail address for these to be sent to)

All guest blog entries will be checked for grammar, content and spelling and we reserve the right to final edit of all posts.  No post will be published before it has been agreed by both Ditch the Map and the author.

To submit your review, please complete the following form:


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